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UPDATED: Latest Cyber Attack on Large U.S. Banks Enters Fourth Day

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Disturbing as the nearly nonexistent coverage of such major news may be (i.e., that literally millions of Americans are unable to access their bank accounts online) it also serves as an illustration of media complicity in the march to war.

After the almost universally read West Australian (!) broke the story September 26 – which was actually September 25 (Tuesday) in the United States – FOXBusiness picked it up and sought the reaction of that paragon of middle eastern objectivity, Joe Lieberman who – among a host of other things too ugly to mention in mixed company – is chair of the Senate’s Homeland Security and Government Affairs Committee.

FOXBusiness got what it wanted (and what AIPAC likely told it to get): A juicy quote blaming not the group that actually claimed responsibility, but – wait for it – Iran.

The funny thing is, FOXBusiness didn’t feature the incendiary words. It buried them.

Maybe it’s because they had to go back five-plus days to Lieberman’s appearance on C-SPAN to get his response to LAST week’s attacks.

However, Sen. Joe Lieberman […] said he believes the attacks may have actually been carried out by Iran and the Qods force, which he said has its own developing cyber attack capacity.

“I don’t believe these were just hackers,” Lieberman said Friday evening on C-SPAN, adding that they may actually be retaliation for U.S. economic sanctions on Iran.

Iran’s civil defense agency head, Gholam Reza Jalali, denied on the country’s semi-official Fars news agency earlier this week claims that Iran was behind the cyber attacks on U.S. bank[s].

Ladies and gentlemen, why would FOXBusiness bury this quote, and why would FOX itself run this piece only on its business arm? I’ll repeat my earlier question: Are not attacks which prevent millions from accessing whatever (increasingly worthless) dollars they have MAJOR news?

Sure they are. Or would be, if

a) Wall Street and the media conglomerates were not scared to death of a bank run, and

b) AIPAC was not vigorously pursuing war with Iran.

By burying both the news itself and Lieberman’s quote in particular, the FOXBusiness write-up becomes one of those exhibits which will doubtless be added to a presentation at the United Nations x number of months (weeks? days?) hence, given by some spangled militarist with a crew cut, laying out all the reasons war is “unfortunately” our only option.

Anthony Noel is a facilitator of the New Progressive Alliance.

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Anthony Noel

Anthony Noel