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Building Bridges Radio: Making of Global Capitalism with Leo Panitch and Sam Gindin plus Mouseland 

Building Bridges: Your Community & Labor Report
                                 National Edition
                Produced by Mimi Rosenberg & Ken Nash
The Making of Global Capitalism:
The Political Economy of American Empire
.  Leo Panitch, Canada Research Chair in Comparative Political
Economy in the Dept. of Political Science at York University
.  Sam Gindin, former Research Dir. of the Canadian Autoworkers
Union and Prof. at York University

Panitch and Gindin discuss the intimate relationship between modern
capitalism and the American state, including its role as an informal
empire promoting free trade and capital movements.  Through a
powerful historical survey, they’ll show how the US has superintended
the restructuring of other states in favor of competitive markets and
coordinated the management of increasingly frequent financial crises. 
Analyzing the first great economic crisis of the twenty-first century, they
identify the centrality of the social conflicts that occur within states rather
than between them and how these  emerging fault lines hold out the
possibility of new political movements transforming nation states and
transcending global markets.
“The Story of Mouseland”
Narrated by Tommy Douglas, leader of the Saskatchewan
Co-operative Commonwealth Federation and, later, the New Democratic Party of Canada, both social democratic parties.

 A political fable expressing the CCF’s view that the political system was flawed in offering voters a false dilemma: the choice of two parties, neither of which represented their interests. 

To Download or listen to this  28 minute radio program, 
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           Building Bridges is regularly broadcast live over WBAI,
         99.5 FM in the N.Y.C Metropolitan area on Mondays from
              7-8pm EST and is streamed, and archived cast at

 Building Bridges National Edition is regularly broadcast over:
                          WAPJ, Torrington, CT.
                          WOOL, Great Falls, Vermont and New Hampshire
                          KKRN Bella Vista, CA
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                          KSVR, Mount Vernon, WA
                          WAZU, Peoria, Illinois
                          KMEC, Ukiah, CA
                          KOWA, Olympia Washington .       
                          WHUS, Storrs, CT
                          WMNF HD FM Tampa, Florida
                          WPVM – MAIN-FM  Asheville, NC
                          WERU Blue Hill and Bangor, Maine
                          WGOT –  Gainesville, Florida.
                          WUOW – Oneonta, N.Y.
                          WWUH, – West Hartford, CT
                          WVJW- Benwood, WV                  
                          KRFP, Moscow, ID
                          KCSB, Santa Barbara, CA           
                          KSOW,Cottage Grove, Oregon  
                          WKNH ,Keene, NH
                          CKDU, Halifax, N.S., Canada      
                          WRPI, Troy, New York                  
                          WNRB, Wausau, WI                            
                          KQRP Salida, California               
                          East Hill Radio, Snoqualmie, WA
                          KSKQ, Ashland, Oregon
                          KWMD, Kasiloff-Anchorage, Alaska
                          WPRR, Grand Rapids, Michigan
                          as well as internet stations:

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