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Blowing people up is never good PR

So far in this century America’s foreign policy seems to be, “If you don’t turn democratic, we will blow you to smithereens.”

Interestingly, the word smithereens comes from the Irish word “smidirin” which means small bits or fragments. It is fitting somehow that we get this word from a country that for centuries believed you could solve your religious and political differences by killing everyone on the other side.

This is the famous “kill-them-all” theory of religion/politics, and I have discussed this many times in the four or five years I’ve been posting my weekly (or weak) brain dumps in a public forum.

You can’t kill them all. Some of them always get away to seek revenge. The ones you don’t kill get their friends and allies and try to return the favor. That’s why the kill-them-all premise just keeps recycling through history. The hunters become the hunted, and then the hunted become the hunters and on and on and on.

President Obama, supposedly acting in our best interest, is ordering the deaths of people in countries with who we are not at war. Those deaths are being carried out by armed drones piloted by people in Lazy Boy recliners in secret locations.

The kill-them-all premise used to work something like this…

“They done what? They came across the border and kilt a bunch of civilians…we’re gonna’ have to kill all of ‘em, then.”

After that, there was raising money and raising an army and equipping the army and feeding the army and transporting the army and maintaining supply lines…well, it was a huge thing. That didn’t stop countries from trying to kill everybody in another country, but it was daunting.

Today, we can blow people to smithereens as easy as pie. It takes an armed drone, some intelligence, and enough Mountain Dew and Twinkies to keep the drone pilots awake long enough to blow people up…TA-DA…you have dead people.

Hopefully, the dead people needed killing, but we have to take the President’s word on that. Sadly, not just people that needed killing get to be dead. Innocent people get killed, which, if you’re honest, has been the problem with the kill-them-all theory since its inception.

America has added a couple of twists to the kill-them-all scenario…”We were going to have to kill them sooner or later” and “Assassination? No, that guy needed killing, honest.”

While Dubya killed people the more traditional way by sending troops against other people with guns and bombs, President Obama has embraced technology and has moved America into the Drone Wars era.

President Obama is our current Angel of Death. Dubya was the previous Angel of Death. Mittens Romney wants to be the next Angel of Death. To the rest of the world, the President of the United States has become the Angel of Death.

It happened because of September 11, 2001. That day, Osama Bin Laden, killed more than 3,000 innocent victims and deranged America.

We have been in revenge mode for 11 years. Revenge has led us to the kill-them-all trifecta of Afghanistan, Iraq, and Pakistan. Revenge will lead us into Iran, Egypt, and Syria if we aren’t careful.

I am not anti-revenge. Revenge is sometimes the only way to repay someone for what they’ve done, but, as hard as it is to take, you can’t kill all of them.

Even Barack Obama has leaped on the revenge bandwagon. Killing Muslims is easy, but blowing people up is never good PR. The real solution requires doing what’s best for America. Right now, however, we are in a holding pattern while Republicans and Democrats beat Hell out of each other.

My proposal is that we get off the foreign oil teat. I mean it. We are junkies that believe our pushers are the problem. We need to kill our addiction not our pushers.

In the 2005 movie, Syriana, Matt Damon’s character gives a Prince of an oil producing country his opinion of what will happen when the oil runs out in the Middle East, “a hundred years ago you were living in tents out here in the desert chopping each other’s heads off and that’s where you’ll be in another hundred years.”

Inelegant? Perhaps, but the idea is that we won’t have to worry about what happens over there if we don’t need their oil. We are approaching $1 trillion for revenge…couldn’t we spare a few hundred billion to get off the pipe(line)?

I don’t know why that isn’t our national priority…unless killing Muslims is just more fun or more profitable or both. And wouldn’t that be the real bitch of this decade of revenge…we finally found out what we are good at and what we like to do.

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