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Are You Voting For “Chester Cheeto”?

Of course politics should be fun, especially when a tad of a ‘tongue-in-cheek’ can be applied to our public discourse.  And in this case, here inArizona, there is an “unofficial” effort to reject both President Obama and Governor Mitt Romney, and thusly, the writ-in candidate is “Chester Cheeto” that emanated from a local advertisement on television.


However, we, the Native American/Chicano should be encouraging this behavior among the disaffected, given that “we” are the backbone of the Democratic Coalition here in theSonoranDesert. 


Take, for example, President Obama, in 2008, lost inArizonaby 200,000 votes.  Today, the Native American/Chicano community has increased its voter registrations by 160,000 over the numbers garnered in the 2008 election.  As such, President Obama is expected to come up short by an approximate 40,000 votes, and again, lose inArizona.


Further, the Mormon vote is Romney’s ‘base’ since conservatives, writ large, are starting to express themselves for their dissatisfaction with Romney.  And this “conservative” behavior is leading to the indies and for their expressing themselves in support of the Big Chester.


And since Fox and Friends are now stipulating that the public opinion polls “are rigged,” to me, it seems emblematic that Fox and Friends do not recognize that the political radar that sits atop this Chester Cheeto Campaign, leaves Fox and Friends for being somewhat unprofessional in their staid prognostications.  As such, one vote for “Chester” is equal to one vote lost to Romney and two votes gained for Obama.





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