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Santa Rosa Calif gets hit by Gestapo – Today 09/26/12

Closed. (photo: O'Dea / wikimedia)

So it is almost harvest season here in the Golden Triangle of the USA. People are sort of begging those they owe money to wait just one more month. There is that feeling of expectancy in the air. Soon the nation’s most prominent cash crop is to be cut down, trimmed, and bagged up.

Now some 4 and a half years ago, for whatever reason, a young black man, and former “activist” answered a question relating to medical marijuana in a very unenlightened manner. Although he was rather pumped up at the time, about his bright prospects to sit in the country’s highest office, he had never “Considered” the position he should take regarding medical marijuana. He wasn’t sure if it was a state’s rights issue, or it wasn’t. he was going to talk to several of his chosen experts, and then he’d get back to us the electorate.

So we waited and we hoped. For the first three years after being elected, he kept a promise he had made in the early days of the Presidency, that he would leave the medical marijuana issue alone, as far as not going after growers in states where the citizens had decided that medical marijuana should be legal. Then came the Fall of 2011, and like so many promises that he had broken before, Obama allowed his Department of Justice buddies to start a major assault on citizens in California and the state of Washington.

So one year later, and five thousand good paying jobs in California have been destroyed. Many medical marijuana clinics have been closed.

The state of California is unhappy, along with the sheriff of Mendocino California, who had found that local tax revenue from the dispensaries allowed them to hire new police and update their equipment. California itself had received over 125 millions of dollars from the medical marijuana industry for the Fiscal Year 2010. Why were Obama’s people destroying this? And remember, in rural areas, there is a 18 percent unemployment situation, so if you lose your job at the dispensary, you aren’t going to find a new job any time soon.

Today, a further situation – SWAT TEAMS en masse descended on a community in Santa Rosa. Why? Apparently, the crime of photo synthesis!

So since political Powers that Be need to keep people in the middle class happy, the meme is not to worry about this as the Powers that Be are only concerned about the dirty nasty illegal Latinos, and the med marijuana THEY are growing!

Anyway READ THIS AND WEEP — people rounded up and handcuffed while forced to sit on the curbs, while their terrified kids are crying. Local police, Homeland Security and Immigration Agency all involved. Our tax dollars at work!

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