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My Stance on Initiative 502

Initiative 502 is insufficient and has so many loop holes it still allows the government to WASTE our tax dollars. For instance there is no way to test for marijuana on the fly if someone is driving BECAUSE it stays in your system for up to 30 days, there fore there WILL BE several false arrests resulting in law suits just costing the tax payers more and more money. Second the money that is raised by the taxes need to go into EDUCATION, not drug education, but EDUCATION IN GENERAL!, Those taxes need to go where it can do the most good, and helping stir up new propaganda for the government isn’t one of them! I’m sorry these two things alone are enough for me to say NO to I-502 and I AM! Yes, I want it legalized, but we have waited far too long for justice to have limitations put upon it. GIVE US JUSTICE!

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Jeremy Masters

Jeremy Masters

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