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My email to AARP

As we all know VP GOP hopeful  Paul Ryan and President Obama addressed AARP last week with their views on SS and Medicare and by all accounts Ryan made a very bad impression ( gee who would have thought that would happen!) while the President seems to make a much more a favorable impression with several “promises”. I decided to go and review the available transcripts of the discussion featuring the President and IMO I thought the President was got a free ride.  I decided to send AARP the following email:

Hi ,

I am a former AARP member and I read through the transcripts of the AARP sponsored discussion with President Obama about his views on Social Security and Medicare.  While it was heartening to hear the President to say no cuts and he would consider upping the pay roll cap it is troubling that no one asked the President about these areas of concern:

1) if the President is saying no cuts to SS why is he endorsing Bowles Simpson debt reduction plans that calls for cuts; means testing and raising the retirement age?  This plan also calls for tax cuts for Corporations AND millionaires billionaires.

2) in 2008 candidate Obama promised no cuts; upping the cap on the pay roll tax. In Jan of 2009 President Obama announced his “grand bargain” were he wanted cuts to SS and Medicare.  We also got cuts in the payroll tax that the President called “middle class” tax cuts.

3) the President has several times called for raising the retirement age for not only SS but for Medicare

4) The President promised to allow Medicare to negotiate for lower drug prices yet he has done nothing to change this and still allows the Pharm industry to over charge for drugs

I am disappointed that AARP has not pushed back on the Presidents/ DNC about these issues.  As a person approaching retirement age I would like to know why.  As I mentioned I am a former member of AARP and left for these reasons.  I would (and many others) consider coming back if AARP stood up.


If you go to AARP’s web site there is a contact person w/email and phone number.  I was not sure if should include that information or not with this post.

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