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Going down crazy

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I don’t know by now how many factors of doubling down the Romney Campaign has gone, but most of his spinners and subordinates think the whole 47% moochers lines is “totally” the way to go. For example, Bay Buchanan, the might-as-well be twin of brother Pat, showed up on Meet the Press and spoke thusly:

Mitt Romney adviser Bay Buchanan reiterated the Republican campaign’s belief that half of Americans are dependent upon government, during an appearance on Meet Thee Press on Sunday. “We are in perilous times in this country. We are looking at financial ruin. We are looking at dependency. We’re a nation of people dependent on their government, and that is what Barack Obama gives us,”

This matches the language of bi-partisan booze peddler Mary Matalin a few days later than called everybody that isn’t paying “income tax” a “parasite” which makes Romney and Ryan exterminators. Good thing Ryan is talking about “death panels” again.

As pleasant as they are patriotic aren’t they?

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