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C-SPAN Can’t Do It? Of Course They Can!!

So first and foremost, I want to thank everyone for the likes, recommends and comments on my Friday post.

We’ve made a good start, but already, it seems, C-SPAN is throwing up (pun fully intended) excuses and barriers to what, according to the two tech-savvy video types I’ve consulted, is a pretty simple task – and a potentially momentous step toward educating Americans about ALL their electoral options.

A supporter of this effort, who I shall not name out of respect for their privacy, wrote me this morning as follows:

Dear Tony,

I called the number 877-662-7726 at C-Span and pressed #2 and talked with a nice man. [The] C-Span gentleman said that C-span could not TiVo the [alternative] candidates into their coverage the night of the debates. He said it was a very technical explanation concerning a live feed, etc. He said to have the event organizer at Democracy Now send a press release or email to to see if C-DSpan will cover the Democracy Now event with the alternative candidates.

Of course, C-SPAN or anybody else would have no trouble doing what we’re proposing. They might have to warn viewers to expect something they’ve never seen, more than three general election presidential candidates answering the same questions on national TV, but the actual technical realization of it is no big deal.

To be clear, there is no Democracy NOW! “event” to our knowledge – yet – either. But DN! could do it just as easily.

And (anticipating C-SPAN’s NEXT excuse) any notion that people will not watch because they NEED (let alone want!) to hear STILL MORE of the same old crap from the two corporate candidates is laughable.

Anthony Noel is a facilitator of the New Progressive Alliance.

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Anthony Noel

Anthony Noel