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Come Saturday Morning: Did Voter Suppression Laws Get Passed in Your State? Tell Us About It Here.

Minnesota State Fair Seed Art 2012 (photo: Mpls55408 / flickr)

Another day, another set of local Minnesota elections officials voicing alarm over the violence that the ALEC-inspired “Voter ID” voter suppression amendment would do to both local budgets and the elections process.

It doesn’t matter which part of the state is discussed — rural or urban, conservative or liberal. The elections officials, persons from all walks of life, seem to be speaking as one, and what they are saying is: This will be ugly and costly if you pass it.

But it occurs to me that it might be good to hear from persons in states whose GOP-controlled legislatures have passed these laws.

To that end, I give you all the floor.

Did voter suppression laws get onto the books in your state? Tell us about it here, so the word can be passed on to the good people of Minnesota.

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