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WI Sen: Multiple Polls Confirm Tammy Baldwin in the Lead

Tammy Baldwin

The collapse for Mitt Romney isn’t the only good news Democrats have gotten recently. The chances of the party retaining control of the Senate have improved at least in part to strong polling coming out of Wisconsin. Multiple polls this week all show Democrat Tammy Baldwin holds a modest lead in the Senate race against former Governor Tommy Thompson.

The largest lead for Baldwin comes from the Marquette University poll. It found Baldwin at 50 percent and Thompson at only 41 percent. This represents a complete reversal from August when the same poll found Thompson up by nine. The other recent polls, though, show Baldwin with much smaller lead.

A PPP poll out this afternoon shows Baldwin with a more modest four point advantage, Baldwin at 49 percent and Thompson at 45 percent. Like with the Marquette poll, it found the movement since August has clearly been in Baldwin’s direction. Last month PPP had Baldwin trailing by five.

The NBC/WSJ/Marist poll from yesterday also found Baldwin leading, but only by two points. The only recent poll that doesn’t have Baldwin in the lead was a Quinnipiac poll from early in the week, which had her tied with Thompson.

While the race is still relatively close at this moment, the advantage belongs to Baldwin. Her keeping this Wisconsin seat for Democrats would go a long way towards guaranteeing Democrats hold that chamber.

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Jon Walker

Jon Walker

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