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Too Failed To Bail

Remember when some of the banksters who destroyed the world wide financial system demanded to receive their bonuses or they would show regulators where the bodies were buried?

Welcome to failing industry, #Romneyshambles LLC:

Mitt Romney’s campaign handed out $112,500 in bonuses to four of its top staffers, according to new disclosure records filed Thursday.

Richard Beeson, Romney’s national political director, received a $37,500 payment on Aug. 31, in addition to his monthly salary of $13,750, according to records filed with the Federal Election Commission.

In addition, campaign manager Matt Rhoades, policy advisor Lanhee Chen and communications director Gail Gitcho each received $25,000 payments on the same date, filings show. The trio are also paid at the same rate as Beeson, which works out to an annual equivalent of $165,000.

A Romney spokeswoman did not immediately respond to requests for comment on the payments Thursday.

The bonuses came the day after Romney formally accepted the Republican presidential nomination at the party’s convention in Tampa. Despite strong fundraising since May, new records show that the campaign was struggling badly for money in August because it had run low on primary funds and was unable to tap into contributions collected for the general election until after the nomination. Instead, the campaign borrowed $20 million.

A business model where a failing business is loaded up with debt which is in turn doled out in fees to senior staff before the whole thing comes crashing down around their ears? This is unheard of.

On the other hand, I approve of the bang-up job they are doing….

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