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BREAKING NEWS: My Opponent Was “Very Abusive” to His Ex-Wife

The local CBS affiliate in Orlando, WKMG, has reported that my opponent, Todd Long, was “very abusive” to his ex-wife.

Given Long’s history of severe alcoholism, this should surprise no one. Long passed out drunk outside a schoolyard, 200 miles from home. He was convicted of driving under the influence. He is barred for life from the Mall at Millenia in Orlando, for being drunk and disorderly.

And he is the Republican nominee against me. Wow, the Republicans sure know how to pick them, don’t they?

The local news report on Long’s abusive misconduct comes out of sworn testimony. In open court, Long’s wife, Ninette, said it directly to Long’s face: “You were very abusive and manipulative.” Long testified right after Ninette, and he didn’t even endeavor to contradict her testimony.

Todd Long has taken the Republicans’ war on women to its logical conclusion. With Long, it’s not a metaphor. It’s the real thing.

I could give you a hundred reasons why Long must be beaten. He wants to prohibit the teaching of evolution in the schools (possibly because he himself shares so much with the apes). He wants to ban abortion even the case of rape and incest, and when the mother’s life is in danger. He wants to drill and spill and frack offshore, on the beaches, in the Grand Canyon, in Mt. Rushmore, and in your backyard – abusing Mother Nature.

Let me tell you this: We have to defeat this miscreant. Whatever it takes. We have to win.


Alan Grayson

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Alan Grayson

Alan Grayson