Another frank, rational discussion with another socialist presidential candidate.

Key tidbits:

  • Social opposition is always channeled back into the Democrat party, which has branded itself as the “People’s Party.” But it has always been a party of oligarchs. Anti-war protesters were forced into the Kerry & Obama presidential campaigns. Millions voted for Obama because they were against the war, but Obama has taken it further than Bush ever did.


  • The SEP is not based on slogans, but an understanding of history. This is not just an American campaign. We are fighting to unite the working class internationally against the dangers against new wars: wars of subjugation, wars of occupation, colonialism, and imperialism.


  • Ballot access laws in the US are fundamentally undemocratic. It requires tens of thousands of signatures, which are then scrutinized by Democrats and Republicans to exclude any independent parties. Even if you get access, the media excludes the oppositional voices of the working class. It is a monopoly against democracy.


  • You can’t have a genuine democracy if 1% of the population controls such vast wealth and carries out policies that are antithetical to the interests of society as a whole; they cannot do it democratically. They have to use more and more authoritarian methods of repression.


  • No decision of importance that impacts the lives of hundreds of millions of Americans is ever put before the population. Should trillions have been handed out to reckless speculators on Wall Street? They would have said no, put the money in schools, jobs, health care, and the basic needs of the population.


  • The rest of the world is copying the US political system. The degradation of political economy internationally is a crying shame. Everything has to do with celebrity. With slogans. Never reason or reasoned arguments, but to crass appeals, and so on. In France, they are banning burqas. They are blaming immigrants for unemployment as they give trillions of dollars to the banks. They are engaged in war.



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