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Sunday Late Night: Mitt’s Next Gaffe

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The acclaimed hits just keep coming from the Mittron2.012: middle-class folks earn a quarter-million dollars, Obama ‘apologizes for American values’ while our diplomatic staff is attacked, the week after a convention is a great time to take a well-deserved campaign break, introducing Paul Ryan “the next President of the United States,” announcing the Veep pick from a USNavy battleship museum when neither of the men has served in the military, criticizing Olympic hosts and 10 Downing Street’s ‘backside,’ meeting the head of MI6 and then saying so, the ten-thousand-dollar bet with Rick Perry, being “also unemployed” in a group of actually unemployed Florida voters, putting in a zoning variance permit request for a car elevator while running for president — and, most recently, saying that the president doesn’t tell the truth much of the time:

“I think the challenge that I’ll have in the debate is that the president tends to — how shall I say it? — say things that aren’t true,” he said in an interview with ABC News.

And then there’s Seamus.

The gaffes, errors, insults, and missteps are coming thick and fast from Mitt. With more than one a week and only seven weeks left in the presidential campaign, I have to wonder when we’re going to reach a tipping point for Villagers and Elite Media, who’ll write off a candidate who can’t be taken seriously by the American people. If Mitt can’t right his ship by stopping the mistakes — whether Ann’s “you people” or his aide’s “Anglo-Saxon heritage” comments, or reining in his very own tendencies — the time will come when Our Liberal Media expects errors. They will then blow them up as needed to fit the narrative.

This will be fatal to Mitt’s campaign. And it could happen soon; I mean, look at that list above. He may very well be at the point of no return.

Given the horrendous list he’s compiled — above is only a partial compilation, after all — what do you suppose will be Mitt’s Next Gaffe?

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Teddy Partridge

Teddy Partridge