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Pull Up a Cat or: The Great Sunday Cat Show



Morning, kitteh-loving Firepups!  It’s my pleasure to be hosting today, and crossing my fingers for everything going right.  I’ve got a couple of videos for you, but for copyright reasons, I may have to just link to them.

Things have been pretty good around my little casita de gatitos in Tejas this week.  Only one morning with a peed-on floor, and every evening, the kittehs gather round me …in fact, on top o’ me, all three of them sometimes.  This is a bit unusual.  Smokey is usually a bit aloof, sleeping or hanging out apart from the rest of us, but even he’s been here, on the arm of my chair, or even squeezed onto my lap, next to Squeaky. One night he was sleeping with his head on her shoulder.  I usually only see this in the coldest part of winter.

Maybe they missed me when I was away a couple times recently?

Here’s a video you may have already seen, but I love it so much: a man builds a tower of cardboard boxes for his beloved cat, Rufus. It’s time-lapsed, with Rufus appearing during the building, inspecting the work. Adorable.

There’s also a new Simon’s Cat, which is where I found the above video…Simon’s Cat is about boxes. Hunh. Link gets an error message; but if you haven’t seen it, check back for it.

Big Boy continues to come along as a tentative member of the family.  He comes farther into the kitchen now, and even steals from Smokey’s dish (he eats in the kitchen), but hasn’t gone under the kitchen swinging door to the rest of the place.  He’s even hanging out for longer and longer periods before wanting to go back out.

Smokey, grumpy as usual

And best of all, I had been thinking, with our first cool nights (60’s!), and a heavy rain one night, that soon it would be time for him to need a warm spot to sleep, like the bed I put out for him last year, which my landlord absolutely forbade in the new lease in May.

Surprise!  My newest neighbor put out a chair near her door …not a lawn chair or patio chair, but an old upholstered chair; nice, fuzzy, soft upholstery. A sort of modern club chair with high arms.  The other night I realized Big Boy was curled up in it…perfectly warm and cozy, protected from the wind and rain.  He came to breakfast from there this morning, and was there already when I took out trash late tonight.  Heh heh.  No cat “bedding,” no lease violation…and Big Boy’s taken care of.

But this morning, poor guy…I startled him awake when I came out the backdoor; saw him sit up straight, stare at me, then take off through the pouring rain, making for the top of the wall around the yard.  He disappeared, and I haven’t seen him since.  Hard to take out the feral responses to startle.   (Here he is)

And by the time it gets actually cold here, I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s ready to spend the night indoors.  Sometimes, things work out.

My favorite recent LOLCAT:

Familiar look, no?

How has your week in kittehs (and other companion animals) been?  Tell us your kitteh stories

Well…here goes nothin’…(hitting Publish)

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