Obviously, they brought him on as a set up.

They lined him up with four right winger Presidential candidates (Obama & Romney impersonators, Gary Johnson and Virgil Goode) with a rabid right winger (John Stossel) hosting. (The snarky “Welcome Comrade” intro was cute! Stay classy guys!)

Needless to say, my man didn’t fall for the okey doke.


(Sorry, can’t embed the video)

Here’s a summation of his views:

  • Supports worker owned co-operatives, not government takeovers
  • People & communities should determine their own destinies, how schools are run, etc.
  • End the wars
  • Tax the rich
  • Free higher education for all
  • Indefinite unemployment benefits
  • Repeal the ACA and replace with Single Payer
  • Institute a living wage, north of $15/hr
  • Workers of the world should unite

He did a great job.

Isn’t it funny how Fox will interview a real socialist before our beloved so-called “liberal” MSNBC will not?


I like this guy.