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The Philosophy is Kindness

This is my simple religion. There is no need for temples; no need for complicated philosophy. Our own mind, our own heart is our temple; the philosophy is kindness.

-Dalai Lama

 In the world today there are nine nuclear-armed countries possessing a total of about 4,400 active nuclear warheads.  While this number is down sharply from the high of 65,000 reached in 1985, the risk of nuclear Armageddon remains very real. Anything that can happen eventually will.

  • United States – 2,150 active nuclear warheads.
  • Russia – 1,800 active n/w
  • France – 290 active n/w
  • United Kingdom – 160 active n/w
  • China – 240 total n/w
  • Pakistan – 90 to 110 total n/w
  • India – 80 to 100 total n/w
  • North Korea – under 10 total n/w
  • Israel (undeclared nuclear power) – estimated 80 to 200 total n/w

Almost all of these weapons are in the hands of people who profess to worship — and derive power from — various invisible, supernatural beings.  In other words, our fate is in the hands of lunatics.  This must change if humanity is to survive.  We don’t need freedom of religion, we need freedom from religion.

Some religions are worse than others.  The worst by far is one which fosters a deadly hypocrisy: countenancing evil under a cloak of righteousness.  Under this particular religion, Christianity, the ruling elite have taken hypocrisy to the ultimate extreme — worshiping a god of evil (Lucifer) within occult secret societies, while pretending to worship a god of goodness (Christ).

The socialist (Marxist) movement was mankind’s first realistic attempt to break free of religion.  Socialists correctly view religion as an elitist device of power and control.  And in the case of Christian nations, the elite use religion to marshal the people behind their perverse Luciferian agenda — which includes capitalism, corporatism and the most vicious militarism.

In the former Soviet Union, the world’s first socialist state, the government took an official position of atheism but did not ban organized religion.  This turned out to be an unsatisfactory approach, at least for a Christian-dominated country.  As in all Christian countries, the elite (including religious leaders) profess Christianity but are actually Luciferians.  These occultist elites are well organized within the highly structured secret society known as Freemasonry.  So, in the USSR, it was just a matter of time before those elitist forces infiltrated the government and put an end to socialism.  This is exactly what happened when the suspected Freemason Mikail Gorbachev succeeded in bringing down the Soviet Union in 1991.

Learning from the Soviet experience, it’s clear that if a new socialist movement is ever born the approach to religion must be flipped around.  Instead of declaring official atheism while tolerating the church, there should be no official declaration but with a total ban on the church.  Individuals must have the right to contemplate and discuss any beliefs — but never to organize for religious worship.

Although organized religion is a most undesirable product of culture, there is nothing wrong with the innate human feelings called “spirituality.”  The sages inform us that those feelings must be explored as individuals; the true spiritual journey is a solitary one.  In this light, a ban on the church is not only socially efficacious but also serves the needs of the spirit — assuming there is such a thing.

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