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I recently had the pleasure of firing Comcast in my home. No more cable TV or cable internet. As a result, I subscribed to Direct TV. While channel surfing I came across the listing for channel 348 (Dish Network 9415) showing “Democracy Now”. The channel is listed as Free Speech TV.

I flipped it on and while basking sunshine of Amy Goodman doing actual “Reporting” they showed a few promotional spots for other programing on the network. These shows feature progressives like Thom Hartman and David Pakman with whom I am now becoming familiar. They also feature shows with titles such as…

Gay USA: Weekly news program devoted to in-depth coverage of gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender issues.

El Inmigrante: The true story of one Mexican immigrants life and untimely death crossing the border into the promised land of the United States.

Feeding The Brain: explores the struggles that many face in an effort to treat their mental illness, and presents some of the most promising, albeit less conventional, solutions to mental illness that have been found.

eHarlem News: The Stories of the people and cultures that make up New York’s East Harlem community

I am thrilled to find real news and progressive viewpoints on a nation wide TV network. I guarantee that you will never see this channel on either Comcast or Verizon cable.

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