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The three major religions of the world share the same God, but they differ on whom was his/her most important sidekick. Was it Jesus, Mohammed, or Moses?

Apparently, slaughtering those that don’t believe what you believe is the only way to find the truth. In an attempt to settle the key questions of how you should live your life and what happens when you die, the major religions of the world can think of only one way to get the answers…kill everybody and let God sort it out.

I had enough of this crap when I first learned about the Crusades, the Inquisition, and all the ancient horrors done in the name of the God by people fixated on the identity of God’s BFF.

The events of this week once again have me screaming, “ENOUGH.”

Supposedly a movie (I saw the trailer, and it is a piece of garbage equal to the anti-Jewish cartoons of the Nazi era.) was the reason America (a mostly Christian country) saw its Ambassador to Libya and three others brutally murdered and dragged through the streets in Benghazi.

I think it was just an excuse for Muslims to kill Christians.

Israel (a Jewish country) wants the United States to bless an attack on Iran (a Muslim country) because Israel’s leaders say they fear the Iranian nuclear program. On the surface, that makes sense, but I think it’s just an excuse to kill Muslims.

This crappy movie about Islam apparently was financed by an Israeli and promoted by that whacky burn-the-Koran guy Terry Jones. The “Reverend” Jones also has written a book entitled Islam is of the Devil, so you know his agenda. He’s just sorry he can’t find a way to legally murder Muslims.

As Mercutio says to Romeo after Tybalt fatally wounds him, “A plague on both (or all three of) your houses.”

If the zealots in the three major religions want to whip ‘em out to see who has the biggest sidekick, let’s give them Antarctica. We can give them Antarctica and huge piles of rocks and they can smash each other’s skulls to their heart’s content.

Just think of the giant violence boners that would result from crazy Christians, Jews, and Muslims just slugging it out to see which religion kicks the most ass. It should be a real donnybrook since God, the same God, is on all their sides…according to them.

If God truly hates Muslims, Christians, Jews, Gays, or the Boston Red Sox, I’m sure he/she is capable of smiting these groups without any help from the folks that think they know God’s will.

As I’ve said before, I don’t know God’s will, but I have a pretty good idea what isn’t.

“Kill, kill, kill,” isn’t a benediction, but it has been the battle cry of religious crazies since the beginning of time. Pain and suffering isn’t a sacrament, but religious crazies have been passing it out like some Satanic communion since the first cave man bashed another caveman over the head for insulting the volcano God.

These nuts seem to think that conversion by torture and intimidation somehow pleases the God of their understanding. Hang a witch, stone an adulterer, burn an infidel, rape the women, and kill the children…these are the ways religious nuts “promote” their faith.

Kiss my ass; I’m tired of it.

How do you stop these religious crazies? I wish I knew. If I say, “Kill them all,” I am just as bad as they are.

These people are suffering from illusions of religious grandeur. They are mentally ill, AND they are pointed at each other like weapons by the folks that profit from the death and destruction they create.

Joan of Arc offered a “God-endorsed” genocide to the French and the English. They loved killing each other back in the day, however, only the royal families ever got the spoils.

Religious leaders have been in cahoots with kings and potentates for centuries. The religious leaders deliver the zealots to do the bidding of the king, and the religious leaders get to live like kings. It’s an old story, but it works.

If you can get a bunch of religious crazies that aren’t afraid to die or a bunch of zealots that believe their God will reward them for killing his/her enemies, you, my friend, have got your world by the short and curly hairs.

That’s why drones are the cat’s tits…you get all the destructive power of a riled up bunch of zealots without having to worry about feeding them or where to keep them after you’ve killed enough for now.

The sick joke is that it’s never enough. But to keep from having to think about what we do, we really need to convince ourselves that there is a magic number of dead people that will bring about a perfect world.

That’s like believing there is a magic number of sex partners you must have to become a virgin again.

“A plague on both your houses.”

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