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When I fell from the sky, I was already soaking wet with rage. A rage I have still yet to identify its true purpose, or rather its source. I know how and where to feed it, but yet I still struggle to find its seed. Where in the Earth it was planted, and by whom. I have since given up on the quest and answers toward where I came and how I was to come into this form, this body. I traveled Asia and left it with a message from the winds, “help the people.” That’s all it said, no time for a quick Q & A session, just a blunt cheese sandwich, there ya go little kid, get on outta here. And don’t tell anyone the cheese is fake.

Walking with the crusts, I’ve found many friends, most of them pigeons and ducks, but still I have someone to talk to. The trees tell me I’m a weird cat, but still I press on and mark them with my scent. I don’t care, why should I? Water is water, no matter the color right?

I went on a walk today. I started singing to the hills and the pastures…..out of my random mind……looking around in a slight paranoia, to make sure nobody could hear me….realizing that yes, in fact you are alone little puppy dog, let your heart sing, so I did. I sang whatever came first, “Hello world, who the hell is going to hear me?” And granted, this little beautiful song was sung in the absence of any noise, it was a quiet field. Not one second after I sang that question, a crow cawed, this sent me through the roof. Laughing hysterically….what are the chances that I am actually connected to this universe and it’s actually responding to my misguided questions? The chances are great. More than I’d like to admit, and I have a feeling, a little more than you’d like to admit.

I won’t talk for you, but that crow sent me through the roof. After that little bumble, a flock of swallows decided to swarm my head for a bit. I didn’t think of the consequence of hanging out below a flock of swirling birds, but rather trudged on down the gravel road. It was at this point in time that the husky that was at my side decided she didn’t want to walk by the electric fence where the sheep hang out, so she walked in a perfect 90 degree angle from the road and ventured into a muddied field. It’s amazing what one little shock will do to a dog. She had an experience with one electric fence and has never liked this road since, she knows, she knows when she sees sheep or horses, that there’s a little border around them and she wants nothing to do with it. I don’t blame her, I have never felt an electric shock from a fence like this, geared for farm animals with thick fur and or hooves. Come to think of it, she probably got it right on the nose or the head somewhere…..ya, no thanks.

So she decided to drift on me. My ego said f that. We’re cruisin down this road because I want to walk by the fishing club and their ponds, to view the trout they got going on down there, you know, to check into their stock. Again, she made her statement and pulled with all her might. I pulled with all of mine, and the result was a leash without a dog. This makes an interesting situation since the dog is known as “a runner.” She’s gotten off the leash a couple of times and decided to experience the German countryside by herself. Knowing this, I walked directly at her, firmly stating her name, and telling her to “come” in German. She cowered a little, confused, and this was all I needed to re-attach our bond.

After the “hook up” she felt relieved and started pulling toward the direction in which we came. My ego, struggling at this point was further silenced and I let in, let go, and kept walking. I’m not one to walk the road I’ve already traveled, but I suppose, to keep the ego in check, things like this refresh that status and allow you to remind yourself that there are things working outside your control. So this was my lesson today, that, and Italian table wine with Hawaiian chocolates is a wonderful mixture. All in all I would say I learned a little and left a little….

Which brings me to another random thought. Do the Italians wrap the table wine bottles with straw in order to hide the fact that it’s a larger bottle than normal? I poured what I thought the last little whisper, but the stars above want me to continue in the bottle and the rant. So, take heed, there’s your warning, the table wine and its invisible fountain of libations.

Is it hard to think without thinking of politics? I ask this to a general public on a political blog, but truly, and I know there are those on here that do live and see the world beyond, but when is that point going to get crossed where you say, “jeebus, this system doesn’t work, this American Dream was never real, or maybe it was but not in a year starting in 19. maybe this money system isn’t working out, sure it’s worked for a good while, but by now, it’s looking more and more corrupted with each day?” Where’s that line? Do we have a line? Do we need to see more murders, or wars, or bank bailouts or anything that has been on the worldwide media the last 10 years to NOT convince us that this isn’t worth letting go, ALL of it? Double negatives confuse me too, hmmmm, we continue our way of life because it’s comfortable, we are never going to want to change anything, that we already know in the back of our head is corrupt and murderous, until a “line” is presented in the sands of time. When this time comes, as I’m sure you know it will, when this comes, I hope all of you will look at those around you with understanding and love rather than what you’re being played for.

This line, this definitive thing, is just a thing, is just a moment in our collective history and human experience, but I welcome it. I don’t see how you all argue over who said what, this person did this, when to me, it’s all an act, it’s all staged, it’s all manipulated, but still we love our drama, we love to get sucked into those black holes, taking our energy and our positive outlook with it….down le tube, down, and down some more. Getting spit out on the alley ways of our forefathers, we’re soaked and stinky, yet still we argue, naw, we must have this, we must make that, blah blah blah, we vote for her or him or whoever… me this is all arguing whether you want to paint the wings of a crashed plane blue, red or white. It’s done folks, changing the color of wings, or fixing some lights inside the cabin will not put it back in the air again. But wait, there was that scene in Star Wars where Luke had to lift his entire space craft outta the swamp…..he didn’t do it…that little green ninja did, and it still worked……so yes, maybe our line of thought is at a dead end, but to me this brings in new fauna, new foliage to the scene. Just don’t get all uptight about things growing up between your cracks ok?

When’s the last time you had dog poo between your toes? I only know one person with this experience, and luckily it is my father. One of the funnier stories I’ll end with. Our family has a small poodle, one of those stuffed animals. She’s brilliant. My father and her butt heads quite a bit, but still he has a thing where he won’t let her up on the bed, no matter what. Well one night she got up there, with some help from my mother, who plays the innocent loving angel…..and my father coming into the bedroom, seeing this little furry stuffed animal laying amongst his 30 pillows, gargles something in protest and moves her to the floor. She didn’t like this for obvious reasons, so she decided to do something about it. When my father woke that morning, he stepped outta bed with a new feeling. Our dog had placed her smelly gift exactly where his foot would hit the carpet. Obviously the intent in this equation can be debated, but let’s just say our dog is the more precise pooper this side of the Mississippi. Nothing like stepping outta bed and immediately feeling a staunch presence between your toes.


So I shall run off now, see if there’s more of that jive in this here bottle. You folks, stay classy and pissed, keep drawing lines and erasing them. Me? I’ll just keep bending for dogs and talking to crows. I still love you though, we don’t have to let a few words get in between our connection. As I’m sure you already know.


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