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David Dayen: President of the Consensus Party?

From here in theSonoranDesert, we, the Native Americans, African Americans and Chicanos take great delight in pontificating aboutAmerica’s future, and of course, when it comes to this effort, and especially from the eventual perspective of future historians writing about today’s “debate,” our considerable pleasure is easily attained. 


To wit, it’s been quite some time that I have written a Diary for the excellence that is  MyFDL, and therefore, I do so with a tad of tongue in cheek, and subsequently, David Dayen will “represent” what we deem to be far more important relative to our public discourse and that’s the exemplary behavior for establishing and implementing Consensus among voters.


Thus, I highly recommend that all the Fire Pups take a gander at his article and titled, “House Progressives React Against Grand Bargain, But Less Vocal on Discretionary Cuts in Fiscal Cliff” and dated Thursday, September 13, 2012.


However, I do not expect that the emblematic members of such political organizations such as the Constitutionalists, Libertarians, Socialists, Justice and Green Parties to appreciate my pontification, but I do ask that each of these members given consideration to the notional that “white” kids should be permitted to learn a “foreign” language in the public school systemic, and to be done on a national basis and via federal law, and which will be eventually proven to be equivalent to the New Deal and the Great Society.


In contrast, today’s politics here in Arizona does not permit to me  advocate that “all” kids, and regardless of skin pigmentation, have their respective parents “select” a foreign language for language/cultural acquisition in our K-12 Systemic.  For doing in my doing so and as it pertains to Arizona-Only and while being subjected to the companion piece that is SB 1070, is the consequential HB 2281 that ALEC is still afraid to touch.  Therefore, should I “slip” or misstep in my political behavior, I will be subjected to sedition in the form of public law via “attempting to overthrow the Constitution,” and our State Attorney General, Tom Horne, would take great delight to prosecuting a Military Veteran and the like-minded, given that historically, both Conservatives and Neoliberals and collectively, in taking their instructions from the Super Wealthy, destroyed the Military Draft in the 1970’s and thusly, the then Road to the capitol of Egalitarian or for actualized Individual Empowerment, met its dead-end.  Or so this thinking goes, but our Indigenous Belief System includes a affective behavior that is “consensus” as this was practiced long before the Great European Migration arrived onto our shores.


And it’s with this continuing historical application that I “nominate” David Dayen and for carrying the “Consensus” brand forward and done with considerable political sophistication that includes both subtlety and nuance.  Of note,, he’s “got it” and I recognize, support and advocate this “consensus” and Mr. Dayen imbues our historical behavior.


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