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7 O’Clock News Silent Night

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Good evening, America, and welcome to the seven o’clock news.

Representatives of the striking Chicago Teachers Union have entered their fourth day of negotiations with school officials.  Wealthy financiers behind Rahm Emanuel who are pushing for school reform have hit the airwaves, and are advising listeners to sign an online petition demanding the teachers go back to work.  Emmanuel has reportedly been contemplating filing a legal injunction to that effect.

The US Treasury department has announced the sale of its majority stake of insurance giant AIG, indicating that the federal bailout was a model of success.

On Tuesday Public Intelligence, a non-profit dedicated to the free access to information, released a map of sixty-four unmanned drone bases on US soil, including 12 locations housing Predator and Reaper unmanned aerial vehicles, which can be armed.

In Greece, amid continuing mass protests, unions are calling for a general strike on September 26 in response to new demands by the credit rescuers for further austerity cuts of $14.8 billion that would result in further wage and pension cuts.  Troika demands on loan stipulations sent Greek bank stocks up 15% in Wednesday’s trading.

US census figures released this week show that one in five American children were living in poverty in 2011, and that median household incomes had dipped 1.5% from 2010.  Fifteen percent of the nation was living in poverty, and income disparity has increased to levels not seen since 1967.  While not all reports are in, so far the US shows a more unequal economy than Uruguay, Argentina and Bangladesh according to 2010 figures. Within the figures there was also an increase in the share of aggregate income for the top 1% saw a jump of 6%.

Forty-six million Americans lived in poverty, the highest number in the fifty-three years since poverty statistics began being tracked; real median household incomes for neither  blacks nor non-white Hispanics  have yet recovered to their pre-2001 recession all-time highs.

On Wall Street, stocks are advancing in anticipation of an expected announcement by Ben Bernanke of another round of quantitative easing.  The DJIA is now back to the pre-recession high of January, 2008.

The Unknown Blogger, with her trademark brown paper shopping bag with the cut-out eye and mouth holes pulled over her head, was quoted as shriek-blogging upon reading the report: “AND HOW THE FUCK DO YA THINK THE 2012 FIGURES WILL LOOK, ASSHOLES?!?”

In response to the slaying of the American ambassador to Libya, US drones and two American naval destroyers  have been deployed to the Libyan coast.  Both the USS Laboon and USS McFaul are equipped with satellite-guided Tomahawk cruise missiles that can be programmed to hit specific targets.

Sources are reporting that in what may prove to be a national trend, Austin police infiltrators have been accused of complicity in felony arrests last December at the Port of Houston shut down.  In advance of the first anniversary of Occupy Wall Street in NYC on September 17, the International Human Rights Clinic is calling on Mayor Bloomberg to to stop the pattern of abusive policing of Occupy Wall Street protests.

The National Hurricane Center is forecasting that tropical storm Nadine will reach hurricane status later today.  Haiti’s 360,000 homeless are still trying to recover from Isaac.  Tent cities were destroyed, crops ruined, and brought an increase of water-borne disease like cholera.

In breaking news of significance concerning the Presidential election: …uh…….film at eleven.

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