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If nothing else the Right is good at ham-handed revisionism

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Remember the original inexplicable explanation that the Komen Foundation gave to severing ties with Planned Parenthood over funding for breast exams?

The founder and chief executive for Susan G. Komen for the Cure on Thursday flatly rejected accusations that the organization caved to political pressure in cutting ties to Planned Parenthood, a move that has ignited a firestorm of controversy.

And every person on earth (even from the Right who were cheering them on) called ‘bullshit’.

Well, the well-known right-to-lifer at the center of it all, Karen Handel, has done what all good conservative-extremist do and turned disaster into a hefty book contract — and guess what?  You were right.

Handel also suggests that Komen was under pressure from outside organizations to steer funds away from Planned Parenthood — including the bishops of the Catholic Conference of Ohio, who issued a statement to “direct Catholic parishes and schools away from fundraising for Komen for the Cure and toward activities and organizations that are fully consistent with Catholic moral teaching.”

“It was a public relations disaster and it was spreading across the country, one diocese to the next, and generating significant media coverage,” Handel writes.

Now THAT is some fine revisionism right there…we HAD to cut off Planned Parenthood because it would have been a PR disaster if we didn’t.
How did reality actually treat that one Karen?
Enjoy your book advance and speaking fees.
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