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Lakeside Diner

Only after the last tree has been cut down. Only after the last fish has been caught. Only after the last river has been poisoned. Only then will you realize that money cannot be eaten. Cree Nation Tribal Prophecy

Scarecrow's favorite diner

Rosebud Diner, Somerville, MA (photo: Coeli)

Slow news day outside of the horse race.

  • “BP has agreed to sell some of its Gulf of Mexico oil fields for $5.6bn as it builds up cash reserves ahead of potentially huge fines for 2010’s Deepwater Horizon disaster.”
  • “The defeated candidate in Mexico’s presidential election, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, has announced he is leaving his left-wing coalition to form a new political youth movement.”
  • Truthout: Do America’s Corporations Care How Much American Workers Earn?
  • “Social protests in the West Bank have been escalating in line with the costs of living. Thousands of people marched in the streets demanding lower prices for fuel and food.” (video, 25 min)
  • Mother Jones: GOP Rep. Appears on White Nationalist Radio Show
  • Truthout: Four Reasons Chicago’s Teachers Are On Strike
  • Economic Update: “Updates on Spain’s government vs radical unions’ responses to crisis, who gains most from expanding money supply, temp and low-paid replace middle level jobs, US dominates global arms sales. Analyses of who pays federal taxes and basic differences between capitalist enterprises and workers’ self-directed enterprises.”

The truth will set you free but first it will piss you off.

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