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#OccupySupply Skill Share: The History of OWS

Our Next Occupy Supply Skill Share is on Wednesday September 12th 8pm EST

On September 17th people around the world will commemorate the one year anniversary of Occupy Wall Street. On our last Skill Share we went over whats going to happen around the country and the world on #S17.A lot has happened over the passed year since the early days of OWS and a lot has changed . On this weeks Occupy Supply Skill Share we are joined by Drew Hornbain of Occupy Wall Street who as been instrumental in the movement since organizing for Occupy began in summer 2011.

Drew was a mild mannered web consultant became a grassroots organizer when he saw an image of a ballerina standing on top of a bull that inspire him get involved in the early organizing. Since then Drew has worked tirelessly as leader with the “Tech Ops” working group that created the website and developed tools for He will take us back to the roots of Occupy Wall Street in New York and what went into the action that developed into a movement. Discussing how Occupy was started and how it has transitioned from a Direct Action to a movement. Join us as he takes us through the history of Occupy Wall Street, take a look at where we have come since and where we can go. Join the discussion on Wednesday September 12 at 8pm EST

For more information on #S17 and solidarity actions around the country you can check out

This meeting is open to anyone – liaison, occupier, or otherwise –who wants to join this discussion and talk about Streaming and the Occupy Movement.

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John Washington

John Washington