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O Canada, Stand on Guard

O Canada, we stand on guard for thee.
God keep our land glorious and free!
O Canada, we stand on guard for thee.
O Canada, we stand on guard for thee.

[from the Canadian national anthem]

It is a travesty that conservatism has infected Canada from below, with the right-wing Stephen Harper holding power as prime minister since 2006.  This past week the Canadian government abruptly severed diplomatic relations with Iran, for no discernible reason beyond neocon scheming in sync with Washington.

Before tagging along on Washington’s next militaristic adventure, Canadians would do well to re-examine one such excursion from their own past: the Dieppe massacre of World War II (Operation Jubilee).  A force consisting primarily of Canadian soldiers was, in August 1941, dispatched to the French port of Dieppe — an area firmly controlled by the Germans from behind steep natural cliffs.  Upon going ashore the sacrificial Allied contingent was predictably routed.  Allied command sent these men on a suicide mission for political purposes — and opted for Canadians to bear the brunt of it.

It should first of all be understood that World War II was not the event portrayed by historians.  The fascist movement, which led to the war, sprung up because of the Great Depression.  And the elitist powers in America which engineered the Great Depression did it for that specific purpose: to create a fascist movement in the West as counterpoint to the growing socialist movement in the East.

Now it should be clear why America was so tardy to oppose the Nazis.  Our elites were not only covertly backing the Third Reich but they actually created it.  Nazism, the fascist version, was America’s baby all along.  In this light Hitler’s “perplexing” invasion of the USSR is not so perplexing.  The whole scheme of events — Great Depression >> Fascism >> WWII — was designed for that invasion to take place.  The capitalist elite, the Illuminati,  brought us the horror of World War II in an attempt to vanquish “evil” socialism by way of Nazi fascism.

Hitler’s number one job, as determined by his elite capitalist sponsors, was to invade and conquer the Soviet Union.  The other half of the plan was for America to antagonize Japan into war, thereafter subjugating it to capitalism.  We already knew that the Pearl Harbor “sneak” attack was both provoked and allowed to happen, and now we can see why.  The true alignment of forces in World War II, contrary to fable, was the Nazis and America vs. the Soviets and Japan.

During 1941 the Soviet Union, under a tremendous onslaught from the Nazis, had been pressing hard for its supposed “allies” to help out by opening a western front.  Of course this was not about to happen since the western elite were really behind Hitler.  Various lame excuses were provided, and this is where the Dieppe incident comes in.  By sending that one contingent of Canadians to be slaughtered in France, at a place impossible for them to land, Allied command was then able to politically justify its inaction on the western front.  Indeed, even the Soviets stopped insisting on a western front after Dieppe.

Although Canada is economically dependent on trade with the monster below, the good Canadian people must understand the type of “friend” they are dealing with.  Now is the time to “stand on guard.”  Do not follow us foolish Americans into that Devil’s playground known as neoconservatism.

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