Modest Convention Bounce for Obama

Runner-up in the bounce wars

While the Republican national convention appears to have barely moved the polling in Mitt Romney’s direction, early signs indicate that President Obama received a modest but significant bounce from his convention. The Gallup daily tracking poll out today has Obama with a five point lead over Romney among registered voters.

The poll has Obama at 49 percent and Romney at 44 percent. This is a real jump from a week ago. Right before the Democratic convention the Gallup poll had Obama at 47 percent and Romney at 46 percent.

Not only is this a noticeable improvement from just before the conventions but it is also the best Obama has done in months. The last time Obama was at or above 49 percent support in this poll was in late April.

The tracking poll out today includes surveys from September 3-9th. The convention only officially began on the 4th and Obama didn’t give his speech until the 6th. It is possible some new polling that takes place entirely after the Democratic convention ended will finding an even larger bounce.

Given how remarkably static the presidential race has been this year even this modest level of movement should be seen as a rather impressive accomplishment for a campaign, especially when compared to the completely lack of bounce for Romney.

It would seem Bill Clinton beats an old man arguing with an empty chair.

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Jon Walker

Jon Walker

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