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A New Paradigm for the Good Life

“To be is to do – Socrates

To do is to be – Sartre

Do Be Do Be Do – Sinatra”

? Kurt Vonnegut

Consumerism is destroying our planet.

The flip side of buying your way to ecstasy is you have to spend all your time working to achieve it . With less consumption comes more time. Time and money are typically inversely proportional to one another .

Rather than consuming products that aren’t worth having in the first place perhaps we need to realize that we are also consumers of experience.

Writers like Jack Kerouac pointed to an ecstasy of experience. Travel, music, literature, art, dance, self improvement, self discovery, spending time with nature can all be consumed with far less damage to the planet and the community of life than consumerism. We gain more than just a momentary pleasure or the joy of ownership in consuming these things.

Consuming experience can lead to permanent personal growth , a greater understanding of ourselves, the world we live in and real bliss.

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