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Good morning kittehs o’ fire and happy Sunday! It’s been mostly routine this week around here with a couple of exceptions. One of those was the fact that Kuroneko was all stopped up and couldn’t poop early in the week but I eventually discovered the cause. It turns out that the water in her dish was contaminated, probably by something invisible growing in it. I make sure to wash her bowl out a couple of times a week but something or another had established itself in there and it was not to her liking at all. I bought a new bowl and stopped feeding her dry food for a couple of days and she cleared up nicely. Then the weather changed yesterday and that always seems to send her into new realms of rambunctiousness. After she spent a couple of hours charging around and making general mayhem, I found the source of at least some of the noise.
There’s Taz on my pillow but he usually lives on the wall. And where are his ears?
Oh, there they are. Still on the wall after ‘Neko leaped up and finally managed to pull Taz down.
She loves her some clean laundry
Kuroneko picture of the week. She just loves to burrow into fresh laundry but hates it when you pull it back to say, take a picture of her!
Obligatory cute kitten picture via Lolcats.

So what are your kitteh stories? Please share them or some new pics with us or just drop by for kitteh talk. No big whoop.

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