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Progressive White People’s Party Candidate Tops Libertarian White People’s Party Candidate!

Jill Stein, MD, from the exceedingly White Yuppie elitist environs of Lexington Mass grabbed an impressive 3% share in a recent Massacussetts PPP poll.

Gary Johnson, entrepreneur, who hails from the exceedingly White Yuppie elitist environs of Santa Fe Taos, New Mexico (actually I’m not sure where he lives in NM, but its real nice around Santa Fe, while it’s sort of a dusty/deserty barrio around the rest of the state) polls at 1 percent, appropriately fitting enough for a 1 percenter.

The always formidable “Not Sure” tallied 4% in Massachusetts, equaling the combined percentages of Stein and Johnson, who might look very handsomely good together on a National White People’s Progressive-Libertarian Coalition Party ticket.

The sum of the hole may be greater than its constituent parts…

OTOH, Johnson polls at a somewhat stouter 7% in both New Hampshire and Colorado, 9% in Arizona and 12% in his home state.

FWIW, Obamavatos will note that Obama is leading the polls in all the above states (excepting national white people’s hallowed anti-immigrationist ground zero Arizona) and has seen a post-convention bounce of approximately four points.

Friday’s polling put Obama’s job approval rating at 52 percent. Gallup said by the middle of next week it will be clear if the bounce is lasting.

Romney received no lasting bounce from the GOP’s Tampa convention which concluded Aug. 30, according to Gallup. Forty-six percent of registered voters supported Romney in the tracking poll in the four days following the convention. In the four days preceding the convention, Romney was backed by 46 percent.

A Reuters/Ipsos daily-tracking poll released Saturday also gave Obama a 4-point lead. Obama leads Romney 47 percent to 43 percent among likely voters. On Friday, Obama overtook Romney in the same poll and held a 46 to 44 percent edge.

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