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Time For the Obama Campaign Slogan Contest


Back in January, I wrote a diary here titled, Time for a Firedoglake Obama Campaign Slogan Contest Yet?  Although we never held a contest, there were a lot of great suggestions.

This evening Digby posted a segment from yesterday’s Daily Show, in which John Stewart introduces a fictitious Obama campaign film, It Could Have Been Worse, that plays upon the diminished expectations of 2012 Obama compared to the 2008 model.

Among my favorites back in January’s firedoglake contest query were:

It could be worse – by papau

Vote Obama, you fucking retards – by hotdog

Obama – yes, he can – be bought – by Twain

Eat your peas and get over it! – by psalongo

Half a slice is better than none – by mytwocents

Look! A mean Republican! – by figaro

He Put the Extra in Extra-Judicial – by allan

My family is cuter than Mitt’s – by papau

As you can see, it might be hard to improve on these, but – Hey! – Give it a try.

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