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[VIDEO] #OccupySupply Skill Share: #S17 Anniversary Actions

#S17 Anniversary Action from Firedoglake on Vimeo.

On our last #OccupySupply Skill Share we discussed #S17 and the action surrounding the anniversary of Occupy Wall Street with a dynamic panel of OWS organizers.  We were joined by Tamara Shapiro from InterOccupy, Austin Guest and Nina Mehta from OWS. The One Year Anniversary is poised to be a creatively significant event full of innovative action and education. People from all over the country are organizing buses and ride shares to converge on the financial district of New York City.  Solidarity actions and events have been planned from Honolulu to Syracuse and even around the world.

The discussion started with Tamara Shapiro outlining the overall themes of #S17 actions around the country. Most participating cities are holding convergences occupying public space to celebrate the accomplishments of the movement and conduct open space education sessions. Those who aren’t holding actions in their area are encouraged to join regional assemblies and Occupy Capitol Cities.  The actions and discussions are going to be centered around  environment, economics and government if you are planning an event you can post it on  If you are planning to go to NYC register on the website so folks can figure out how many people will need food and housing.

Tina Mehta then expands the conversation by discussing the activities that will take place throughout the #S-17 anniversary weekend. Saturday #S-15 the festivities kick off in Washington Square Park at 10:30 am with a focus on education.  Open public space will be utilized for tabling, workshops, skill shares. Open discussions will take on exploratory and solution driven tones surrounding a range of topics which include debt, health care, environmental issues, and other overarching themes that are affecting  us all. Sunday #S-16  is is a day of celebration and preparation which will include both direct action trainings in preparation for Mondays #S-17 actions and a march starting at the Spectra pipeline which leads into a concert of musical performances held in Foley Square, featuring  a mix of high profile artists discussing high profile issues. A schedule of events is available on the #S-17 website.

Finally Austin Guest describes the events poised to take place on #S-17 to mark the  anniversary of a momentous year. He invites participants to rise up and celebrate the cycle of liberation by taking part in a schedule of exciting and well organized events. He goes into detail about the fine-tuned plans for a full day of actions which he colorfully describes as a swirling mosaic amid the static of Wall Street. Maps will be handed out to participants which will outline both the day’s events and possible corporate locations for autonomous actions. Information is available on the website

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