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A Socialist Perspective: Obama’s Speech Caps Two Weeks of Right Wing Celebrations of Demagogy

I don’t consider myself a Trotskyite, but sometimes I sure do like those Trotskyite editorials over at the World Socialist Web Site.  Patrick Martin has a great one today.  I’ll post a few clips and the link to whole thing, and then an analogy of my own.


In its banality, hollowness, self-glorification and unadulterated lying, Obama’s address was typical of those delivered by the politicians of the two corporate-controlled parties that are vying for power in the 2012 election.



To call either Tampa or Charlotte a political convention amounts to false advertising. These assemblies decided nothing and discussed nothing. The delegates served not as representatives from states and regions across a vast continent, but as spectators and props in a political infomercial featuring appearances by politicians and celebrities.


Obama’s speech was a fraudulent exercise in which he postured as a defender of the “middle class,” linked himself to Franklin Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln, and proposed … precisely nothing.

Succinct, concise, to the point, and accurate.


And the conclusion:

The Democratic Party and the Republican Party represent different wings of the capitalist ruling elite. They compete over who will control positions of power and influence, but are in agreement on the fundamental question of defending the wealth and political monopoly of the financial aristocracy.

While corporations and billionaires dictate policy and make or break candidates through the vast sums they funnel into the coffers of the two parties and their affiliated “super PACs”, the political system becomes more and more removed from the working people, who are permitted to vote November 6 but have zero influence over the decisions made in Washington.

And here’s the link to the entire article:

So. Which wing of the ruling elite should Americans vote for? We’re told that we should choose the lesser of two evils and shut up. I see it as akin to a farmer and his wife arguing over whether the fox or the coyote should be chosen to guard the hen house.

Fox or coyote? To hell with that choice. I want the loyal  hound dog. Unfortunately, our sociopathic elite does not appreciate such quaint concepts as loyalty to the common good. Not profitable, you see. And if you don’t see, then you are somehow UnAmerican. Don’t believe me? Just tell a Democratic loyalist you are voting Socialist or Green, or a Republican loyalist you are voting Libertarian or Constitution Party.

The reactions are remarkably similar. And have a nice day.

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