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Politics is Politics and Parties is Parties.

I would guess that most here watched at least a bit of the two political circuses that have been put on for our amusement. Of the two I think the democratic circus was much better produced with tighter production values, a more creative script and better jokes. The also did a better job of casting, though in some cases seemed a bit cast against type.

I came across this site from the Pew Research Center on ones political leanings. A bit of a test or poll as it were.  Here is where I fit in.
As you can see, I’m nearly off the charts. (Click to view larger)

Here however is a site that gives a more nuanced view, in my opinion. From political compass.

As you can see I am out there and I have taken this test a number of times and it has turned out pretty much the same. For a heads up here is the 2012 election and the EU Member states.

2012 Election Political Compass

EU Member states

Now my gut impression is that there are a fair number of people here at FDL whose politics are similar to mine.

However here are a few stats. In the last general election, 60% of the eligible  voters actually voted. This is up from the 2000 election when 50% voted.  (United States Elections Project)

Only around 25% of the electorate are actively involved with politics. Most of those who do vote do not know or even care about the issues and policies of the candidates and vote on their emotional response to them in some way. IE their hair style or personality etc.

There are probably more Asians in this country than far leftists.  So do I think that we are likely to enact any of the current progressive policies that are heralded on this and other progressive sites ? Not in what’s left of my life time.    So love them Liberals

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