From the comment thread of my last diary:

ocoastperson September 4th, 2012 at 9:02 am:

Good question, donkeytale. (Hated a previous post of yours where you flat out called me a (white middle class progressive) racist just cause I won’t forget how Obombem sold us out on all those campaign promises). Good point on this one, tho. Latinos are typically conservative but in this election they have the strong pull of a non-white (to them, more like them) prez. candidate and the strong push of an obnoxious GOP.

Don’t forget the Dems and their run-around of the DREAM act that did not get enacted! That worked perfectly! The Latino vote is the Dems, as you would want.

Where you lose it, donkeyrump (I’m still mad about that racist thing) is in thinking the Dems want to do anything substantial for the Latinos. Dems have already thrown labor under the bus, plus all the true progressives, and are doing things like mistreating minorities who happen to be native born Muslims in this country, misusing the police to shut off the Occupy protests, protecting every single American torturer, shutting off all bankster prosecutions for the mortgage fraud great financial meltdown, writing every piece of legislation on mortgage relief so that somehow the banks wind up better off …

Why should they love Latinos when they are playing a kabuki game of fool you once we’ll do it again with every other part of the ordinary people who comprise their base? Not going to happen, donkeybutt.

donkeytale September 5th, 2012 at 12:58 pm 7
In response to ocoastperson:

Good points but you have the idea that I’m presenting here wrong.

I’m not defending the Democratic Party or their treatment of latinos, or anybody else.

I’m not “thinking the Democrats want to do anything substantial” for latinos. One could argue that under the circumstances “they” have done about as much as possible recently without congress, but that like everything regarding politics is debatable, as well as beside the point.

The point i’m making is more about the angry, uncomfortable “you”, no not the real you but the prototypical “white middle class progressive ” who should be wanting, nay needing, to join common cause with latinos in their home (the Democratic Party out of necessity) rather than “yours” (a symbolic-only third party platform).

Why the need?

if you can’t figure that out then you don’t understand my point at all, not even the small amount with which you claim to agree.

Cmaukonen offers up a reason for progressive neediness in a different diary and context rather well here:

cmaukonen September 5th, 2012 at 5:13 pm


Here is the problem though.

Roughly 60% of the eligible voters voted in the last election. The highest in a long time.

About 25% of the population is even involved with politics to any extent. meaning they actually follow what is going on rather than who will be America’s next Idol.

Of that 25% only around 5% could be call progressive, most are centrist or conservative.

[emphasis added]

Maukonen, it should be noted, wrote a very insightful, challenging article regarding the polarisation of American political life that began with his –and my– generation’s flawed upbringing. Unfortunately, Maukonen’s excellent point was both lost on and at same time demonstrated by commenters, including moi, in the thread (a frequent meta byproduct of MyFDL comment threads, sadly) because he (beg pardon if “he” is “she”) chose to frame his piece around a TV appearance by a conservative social theorist named Jonathan Haidt. Now, I’m not aware of Haidt’s work and didn’t find his purview as presented in the diary to be especially noteworthy or compelling, but I did grok that Maukonen wasn’t writing about Haidt or his work, he was using Haidt’s televised remarks to frame his own commentary, using him as a prop as it were. Understanding Maukonen’s method here, however, requires nuance and certain MyFDL’ers, maybe many MyFDL’ers don’t do nuance, ever, or take the diary subject matter in context on its own terms. Instead, these posters chose to refute r ignore Maukonen’s points by attacking Haidt’s politics.

Frequently, as if by magic, these types of thread encounters at MyFDL legitimise the very contention the diarist makes in their diary. This is a form of the dreaded social networking disease known as “internet projection” from which most bloggers suffer to varying degrees, myself as much or more than anybody.

Thankfully, this typical manipulative digression didn’t hold true for everyone in the Maukonen thread and it doesn’t hold true in even the most controversial, polemical MyFDL comment threads.

Is there a ray of hope for this blog? Oh, I think so…or, when all else fails, donkeyturd, post a video (if you don’t have any fiction handy)