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Mitt’s Mom on her husband, George: “He was a refugee from Mexico, on welfare…”

We heard the Romney family claim their Mexican heritage at last week’s RNC without mentioning that the reason their forefathers fled the United States of America was because polygamy had been made illegal in exchange for the admission of Utah to the Union. What we had not heard until today was Lenore Romney, Mitt’s mom, explain that her husband, George, despite his great wealth, had a very good understanding of people in need.

He was a refugee from Mexico, on welfare relief, for the first years of his life.

So — Mitt Romney’s dad came to America, pre-welfare reform, and was on welfare despite his Mexican heritage, without his family having contributed to the system that supported himself and his family. Why does that sound so familiar, Mexicans coming to America to steal benefits from hard-working Americans that they haven’t earned?

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Teddy Partridge

Teddy Partridge