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Only after the last tree has been cut down. Only after the last fish has been caught. Only after the last river has been poisoned. Only then will you realize that money cannot be eaten. Cree Nation Tribal Prophecy

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  • “Labor organizers in Indonesia are struggling to improve working conditions as a flood of global industrialists inundate the country, attracted by its low-wage culture. Some are particularly suspicious of the motives of controversial Apple equipment manufacturer Foxconn, which recently announced plans to set up a plant near Jakarta by the end of the year, investing as much as $10 billion over five to 10 years.”
  • Glenzilla: Obama campaign brags about its whistleblower persecutions
  • Truthout: The Widespread War on Reproductive Rights
  • TRNN: Israel Denies Food and Entry to 20 Eritrean Refugees. Israeli activists attempted Tuesday night to reach a group of asylum seekers to deliver them food, before being turned back by IDF soldiers
  • Truthout: In the Shadow of the DNC, Organizers Call for a Unionized South
  • “A federal judge ruled on Wednesday that Arizona authorities can enforce the most contentious section of the state’s immigration law, which critics have dubbed the ‘show me your papers’ provision.”
  • Truthout: Democratic Platform Supports Amending Constitution to Reverse Citizens United

I’d never heard Elizabeth Warren live so I listened to her speech last night. What a crock. Followed by Bill “Mr DLC Neoliberal” Clinton. Gotta hand it to him, he was firin’ on all cylinders. Classic Clinton.

The truth will set you free but first it will piss you off.

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