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I Believe Barack Obama

As the adage goes: when someone shows you who they are, believe them.

Obama gives a thumbs up.

Image: Bernard Pollack / Flickr

For four years Barack Obama has told us who he is through words and deeds and I for one believe him.

I believe when he executes his power over life and death he considers his lack of uncertainty a thing to be admired, not a callousness bordering on pathological to be reviled.

I believe when in his every speech about the Mortgage Crisis he mentions before all else “deserving” homeowners he considers the American people the root cause of our own misery and his job to protect the Bankers from our sins.

I believe when he boasts of his negotiating skills, revealing his cards upfront with a flashing neon sign highlighting his final position, he thinks his play is anything but ritual pre-surrender a Kabuki artist would find beyond the pale.

I believe when he gave the Pedophile Protectorate veto-power over women’s bodies during his back-door political ACA maneuverings he gave the greenlight to divide women up by our ladyparts endangering our health for his own personal political gain.

I believe when he substitutes feelings for facts he gives no thought that others will follow his lead and chart their own course, dragging the Country down into science-denying, both sides do it, facts don’t matter hell.

I believe when he raises bipartisanship on high but lifts no finger to elect more Dems he is defining “bi” as him on one side, Republicans on the other, and a Democratic Majority something that’d only screw his chosen narrative.

I believe when he vows to continue his same austere course in his second term despite the mountain of evidence this path is driving the Country seriously off-track, he reveals who he truly is: a man intent on taking his place in the pages of History he has written for himself and nothing and no one will get in his blinkered, set-in-stone way.

The next four years a continuation of the last four…

  • Rule of Law replaced by Corporate Coronation
  • Our Constitution replaced by Town Square Militarization
  • Public Works replaced by Infrastructure Deterioration
  • Middle Class American Dreams replaced by Hand-To-Mouth Stagnation

Believe it.

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