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Survivors of South Africa’s 34-Slave Massacre Leaving Jail, Ordered Back to Work by Their Owner; More Slaves Shot; Democrats Party On

Survivors of South Africa’s 34-Slave Massacre Leaving Jail, Ordered Back to Work by Their Owner; More Slaves Shot; Democrats Party On — by NormanB (“Deviations from the Norm”)



South African Government forces brutally Murdered 34 enslaved Platinum miners owned by Lonmin on August 16. Lonmin spokesman Simon Scott immediately told Bloomberg, the BBC, and others that the strike was “illegal,” and that the Slaves had to return to work. After a few days, Slaves who had survived the Lonmin Massacre were arrested and charged with the Murders of their comrades, under the theory that they were committing a crime by striking, and that crime had caused the Murders by police.

During the Lonmin Massacre police also wounded 78 other Slaves. In addition, police killed eight Slaves in the days leading up to the Massacre, and claimed that two policemen were also killed. Of course, the lying police also claimed that they Murdered the Slaves in self-defense, which the video of the event disproved. 140 Slave miners were said to be scheduled for “conditional release,” meaning they must go back to work and drop their pay demands.

South African President Zuma immediately stood up to support the Lonmin Massacre as an unfortunate but sometimes necessary way to control the conduct of Slaves. That was two weeks ago. Now, at least four of Zuma’s own Slaves have been shot overnight. This is the Gold Fields corporation, which, like Lonmin, claims that Slaves striking against their owners is illegal.

Later reports cleaned it up, saying that the police had only Tortured the Slaves with Teargas – a Weapon of Mass Destruction that is illegal for use in wars – and that they had shot the Slaves with rubber bullets.

In the late 1970s, the underground documentary Last Grave at Dimbasa was smuggled out of South Africa: It exposed the Slavery there. Americans then and now were/are in denial about South Africa’s Racist Apartheid system. To this day, Americans use a propagandistic mispronunciation of the word to Cover Up its true meaning. Americans pronounce it “Aparth Hyde,” but it is actually pronounced “Apart Hate,” and that’s exactly what it is. It is Slavery. If strikes are illegal and survivors of Massacres can be ordered back to work, then Slavery persists there. Today Lonmin is ordering 40,000 striking Slaves back to work.

And today the Democratic Party begins its Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina. Billed as the “Teargas and Taser-Torture Convention,” at least one Black man was already Tortured there, a child is dead, and police are apparently lying about an arrested protester having a gun – police in the US often claim people that they Torture were armed, as if that would excuse the Torture.

The Torture victim, Chris Stevens, was hospitalized and charged with Resisting Arrest: The “Resisting Arrest” charge marks it as a case of Torture: When police Torture, Murder, or mistreat US citizens, the officers often claim that their victims were either Resisting Arrest (as they did when they Tortured me in 1981) or that they were armed, as they did with Anna Wright, who was arrested for protesting in Charlotte. Lying police first claimed that she had a knife. Later, they changed it to a gun.–168306526.html Both Stevens and the Murdered Slaves are Black.

Police near Charlotte are on edge: They Murdered a 16-year-old child last night after chasing him. Of course, they claimed that he had Murdered himself.

Remember, police killed the suspect at the scene of the recent Sikh Massacre, then lied that said suspect had committed suicide – police at first admitted to killing the suspect, then later changed their story to he killed himself. President Obama’s “Justice” Department always lets police get away with these Murders, which obviously emboldened them to Murder this child near Charlotte, who is President Obama’s and the Democrats’ first dead victim of the 2012 Democratic National Convention. Let’s hope he’s also the last person killed by police around the Convention this year.

Now is the chance for the Democratic Party to come out against Slavery, and against the shooting of Slaves. Now is the chance for the Democrats to come out against the deadly Racist police actions in North Carolina. Now is the chance for Democrats to come out against Torture. But the leader of the Democrats, President Obama claims “We don’t Torture.” New videos to YouTube every day prove that he’s lying. But, who are you going to believe, your eyes or your President?

My friend Presidential candidate Vermin Supreme, the Political Theatre Performance Artist who finished third in the 2012 New Hampshire Democratic Primary, diffused a tense situation at the Republican Convention in Tampa a few days ago. Tampa has a very mellow police force. Even a man with long hair and a beard like me can walk around Tampa without getting into trouble. Not so easy in North Carolina. Ever ride a Greyhound through there? The police presence and searches there are combative and terrifying. So, if you’re there or going there, be careful.

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