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Stuck in Reverse

Horns and tails: the official hand sign of Luciferians

Obama already knows whether he will “serve” another term in Washington, or perhaps retire to his native Hawai’i as the honorary King Kissama’ass.  The same powers that delivered two elections for George Bush, and guided Obama’s own skyrocketing path into the White House, choose the major candidates and decide which one will “win.”

Some things are hard to accept.  Like the fact that our supposed democracy is really an occultist synarchy (government by secret society).  And that our ruling elites, regardless of party, are Luciferians.  Hard to accept, and yet don’t their actions speak for themselves?

If actions alone — all the warmongering, barefaced lying, death and destruction — aren’t enough, the elite make a point to flaunt evidence of occultism right under our noses.  One example is provided by the remarkable video below, which has garnered nearly four million views on YouTube.

The video is a reverse speech analysis of Obama’s historic 2008 Chicago victory address.   You’ll recall that the ’08 campaign slogan — meaningless cynicism as we soon found out — was Yes We Can.  Well, it turns out that when played backwards, “Yes we can” sounds an awful lot like “Thank you, Satan.”  Maybe not so meaningless after all… But that’s just for starters.

In his acceptance speech, the president-elect used the “Yes we can” phrase seven times.  The reverse analysis shows that all seven times, the phrase was embedded within an elaborate, occult-themed, reverse speech message.  This goes well beyond the possibility of random occurrence.  The rest of the speech, in reverse, is just unintelligible noises as should be expected.

Unfortunately, the maker of the video does not have the keenest ear and several of his transcriptions miss the mark.  Following is an improved rendering of the seven hidden messages.  (All but the first two have changes from the video captions.)

  1. Thank you, Satan.  And hear from the grandma. [Apparently a reference to Rosa Parks.]
  2. The Lord said the new Arab sins are with him.  Thank you, Satan.
  3. Thank you, Satan.  So birth the mark that’s now sooner.
  4. Hear my composite self for the Pharisees.  Thank you, Satan.  Yes, so we serve confidently.
  5. Woman, don’t ask God’s name.  Thank you, Satan.  Marker will lash you.
  6. Our First N—–, he with game.  Thank you, Satan.  Sure enough’s n—– game but I is honest.
  7. The time of us gives us an army to serve our agenda.  We shall fight with naif.  Thank you, Satan.  Will be with another Arab sin.

When listening to the messages, note how the vocal inflections and tone match perfectly with the content – particularly on segments 5, 6 and 7.  Also note the racial sarcasm and jovial use of Ebonics on #6.  This is followed by the chilling militarism of segment 7; was the reference to “another Arab sin” a foreshadow of Obama’s “humanitarian” raping of Libya?

There is simply no possibility of all this existing by mere chance.  And if you think the reverse audio was doctored you can easily replicate it on your own.

With our nation stuck in reverse for so long, we had best not be too dismissive of evidences such as this reverse speech video.


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