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Dharma and John Edwards – The Honeytrap

A while back, when the Edwards trial was grinding to its conclusion, I posted several articles around the web expressing my feeling that John Edwards was the only canidate in 2008 who even remotely represented the interests of the 99%. His theme of “Two Americas”, in my opinion, was the predecessor to the Occupy movement.

I also said I felt he had been intentionally destroyed, though I couldn’t quite put a finger on who or how.

The potential answer had been staring me in the face the entire time, but because the connection was NEVER EVER pointed out by the media or bloggers, (at least that I’m aware of) I never made the connection. That changed last night in one of my wee hours excursions through the backwaters of the blogosphere.

Sometimes I get bit by the conspiracy bug and my mind wanders into strange territory. Today, it occurred to me that Rielle Hunter’s meet-up with John Edwards was not entirely coincidence or an accident. Consider two names in their sordid (or romantic, if you prefer) history: Richard “Dicky” Mellon Scaife and Rachel “Bunny” Mellon. Those Mellons are related by marriage, though their politics are as far apart as the John Birch Society and the Daily Kos.

Here’s how it may have gone down. When he was a candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination, Bunny Mellon took a liking to John “Johnny” Edwards. He reminded her of John Kennedy. Money flowed from Bunny to Johnny. Dicky Scaife, always alert to his cousin’s political activities, heard about Bunny’s largesse and realized that Bunny could tip the scales in Johnny’s favor. Though Dicky and Bunny shared a dislike of Hillary Clinton, Dicky was determined to bring down the Democrat most likely to beat a Republican, as it appeared Johnny could do at that time.” – D.M. Schwartz, Open Salon

Of course. Richard Mellon Scaife was Bunny Mellons Cousin. Scaifes right wing nuttery had been a source of conflict within the family for quite some time, when he got wind of Bunnys funding of John Edwards, he must have hit the roof. This was a canidate who represented a real threat to the interests of the 1%. No wonder he endorsed Hillary.

No big suprise no one in the press or blogosphere brought Scaifes name up. Doing so can perhaps be hazardous to ones health. Such as one Steve Kangas…


A good investigative piece…

On Feb 8, 1999 at 11:30 PM Steve Kangas was found lying on the restroom floor of One Oxford Center, Pittsburgh in a semi conscious state by electrician, Don Adams. Adams reported blood on the floor around the spot and left to call for help. Upon returning they found Steve sitting on the toilet slumped over covered in blood, the victim of an apparent suicide. On Feb 12 the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette broke the news in a terse 46 word article that police had ruled the death a suicide. Note to the reader, the reader should refer to Jason’s page as he presents the best time line as well as links to all of the news articles. The following is not a complete time line of events nor is it intended to be such.

But what appears to have been a simple suicide at first is much more complex and several questions has arisen from a set of bizarre circumstances. It is hoped that in airing these questions in an open an unbiased manner that a non-partial investigation can be triggered in an effort to get to the truth. The reader is referred to Doug’s page for a similar view and mission. This page will present some of the more troubling questions of Steve’s death in the mind of this writer as well as present links to other pages that likewise question the events around Steve’s death. In addition links to mirror sites of Steve’s award winning web site, Liberal Resurgent will be included. The man can be killed but his ideas can live forever.”

And, as I’m sure most reader know, Scaife was the money behind the Arkansas project, where millions were given to thugs to destroy the Clinton Presidency.


The theorys I am writing about are no more than that… but, if they are ever proven at some later date, we can once again thank this billionaire right wing whack job for using his money and influence to destroy the middle class and the hopes of the American people, making sure instead that the interests of the 1% are protected and that we end up with a corporate puppet for President instead of a champion of the people. Everything this man touches, unlike Midas, turns to shit.




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