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Will Bill Clinton ever just go away?


Ok here I am trying to unwind at the close of the Labor Day weekend .  I was watching TV when here comes a Democratic Political commercial featuring Bill Clinton bemoaning the collapse of the middle class.  Clinton rightly points out that deregulation and tax cuts got us into this economic mess and it is killing the middle class.  However in a typical slick Willie move Clinton tires to distract the viewer from his own attacks on the middle class.  Let’s review Clinton’s major achievements while in office:




Commodities deregulation

Banking “reforms” killing Glass Steagall

Welfare “reforms” killing the working poor

His failed attempt to gut SS (Thank god for Monica)

feel free to add anything I missed

Now I know the Democratic Tribe loves Bill and venerate his time in office but Clinton did as much as Ronnie R, George H and George W to kill the working and middle classes.  The media needs to call him on this but they won’t

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