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Who stands to gain the most from privatization? We the People, they tell us. The Private Sector will serve us more cheaply and efficiently, they claim, and government can only get in the way. Really? Ever hear of a government job that required 76 hours work per week, with no breaks or benefits? Ever hear of government child labor? No? Well, that is because it has traditionally been government that protected the public from the excesses of corporate power. Government has always been the only entity that could stand up to the power of the private sector. Big Business has long sought to get around this obstacle, and has had spectacular success, so much so that business/financial interests now effectively control American life. They virtually own government. But still, they are hungry for more. They are now working toward complete control of the entire planet, by purchasing it outright. Full Ownership = Total Control. That is the threat behind privatization. It would effectively stifle all worker influence as potential harm to private property, stigmatize dissent as lawbreaking and seal the partnership between wealth and power, business and government, essentially forever. Until, that is, the people rise up or the planet craps out. The choice is ours.

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