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Slaughter, Rinse, Repeat

Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.


Before we can learn from history, we need to know real history — as opposed to the politically-approved narratives of our schooling.  Historians, servants of the establishment, are paid to bury the truth and whistle past the graveyard; so we must approach their work like a homicide detective approaching a crime scene.

Knowing real history begins with a fundamental observation: that 9/11 was, beyond any doubt, an inside job.  Once that threshold is crossed, its implications make many other things fall into place.  It becomes clear that, just as you don’t lose any sleep thinking about the animal you had for dinner, the elite never have qualms about sacrificing thousands, even millions, of us in the lesser classes to achieve their objectives.  It’s the elitist principle of superiority; same one that justified slavery, the Holocaust and countless other atrocities both ancient and modern.

History of the past hundred years has been defined by one particular struggle: the elite’s war on socialism.  Beginning with the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917, socialism emerged as the greatest threat ever posed to elitism.  Socialists had the audacity to attack all three pillars of modern elitism: fake-democracy, capitalism, and organized religion.  The socialist “threat” was indeed growing rapidly at one time; and this mobilized the elite into full battle mode.

The elite have their own brain trust, the occultist Illuminati.  To combat the socialist movement in the East, their strategy was to sponsor a militant and murderous far-right movement in the West: fascism.  But such movements require specific conditions; the main one being a sudden and shocking economic collapse.  So, during the roaring twenties, the elite pumped things up as high as they could – and on Black Tuesday, 1929, they burst the bubble.

Tuesday, incidentally, is considered by occultists the most propitious day of the week for executing a major event.  This is because Tuesday is named after the Norse god of single combat, Tiw — and single combat represents Lucifer’s fight against God.  Thus it is not happenstance that 9/11 was also a “Black Tuesday” event.  Our ruling elite are occultists (Luciferians), very much into symbolism as well as numerology.  The date 9/11, for instance, is loaded with occult and numerological significance.

Now we have seen that the Great Depression, like all major events, was nothing accidental but was part of a larger plan.  The Depression not only served to concentrate wealth but – more importantly – it set the stage for fascism, World War II, and invasion of the USSR.  This was all part of the elitist strategy, their response to the grave “threat” of socialism.

Germany’s Nazi party (National Socialism) initially held an anti-capitalist platform, before the ascendancy of Hitler.  Many who in 1933 voted the party into power thought they were voting for socialism, not fascism.  But Hitler was of the far-right faction, which included Hermann Göring, Heinrich Himmler and Reinhard Heydrich.  Nazism under Hitler enjoyed the backing of top industrialists and other capitalists — the western elite.  The Bush family, through its patriarch Prescott Bush, is among many elite American families and top corporations which had direct ties with the Third Reich.  As a fellow occultist, a racist and a warmonger, Hitler was just the man the elite were looking for.

Continental Europe went quietly under Nazi domination; this is understandable since the capitalist elite of both America and Europe were covertly backing Hitler.  Remember, the plan all along was to create a fascist movement that would conquer the socialist movement.  The Holocaust was a great bonus for the banking elite, since they were able to seize assets – likely totaling billions of dollars – from the accounts of their murdered Jewish depositors.

Although Japan was nominally an Axis power and the USSR nominally one of the Allies, the real plan was for America to conquer Japan while the Nazis conquered the Soviet Union.  Japan was indeed brought under the capitalist umbrella, but the Red Army heroically turned the tide against the Nazis.  It was only then, when the Soviets were poised to conquer and claim all of Germany, that the western “Allies” came galloping in.

Having failed to vanquish socialism vis-à-vis Nazism, the elite turned to Cold War tactics while absorbing the former-Nazi brain trust into their own (Operation Paperclip, Operation Bloodstone).  America has since been on a steady descent towards its own brand of fascism in ways too numerous to mention.  But the two most salient events along this road have been the JFK inside job and the 9/11 inside job — both carried out by the same political forces.

The socialist USSR did finally dissolve, but the western elite remain fixated on their “New World Order” scheme.  To that end, America has become a militant crypto-fascist state as well as the world’s leading state sponsor of terrorism.

So, what can we learn from all this history?  Looking at the elaborate homages America has built up around JFK and the 9/11 victims, it’s fair to say this: the more tributes and adulation heaped on someone, the more we want to avoid the truth about their fate.



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