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Goodbye Portland, Oregon? – New Hanford Leak Detected


recent Tri-City Herald headlines

According to the Tri-City Herald, one of the double-walled containment tanks at the Hanford Nuclear Reservation appears to be rapidly developing a leak or potential leak.  It is underground, so the observation mechanisms are subject to limitations:

More evidence was discovered this week that might indicate that one of Hanford’s double-shell tanks is deteriorating.

In early August, radioactive material was found between the inner and outer walls of an underground tank at Hanford for the first time, raising concerns that waste may be leaking out of the inner shell of the tank.

This week, more unusual material was found when a video camera inspected another part of the area between the inner and outer walls of Tank AY-102.

It was the first additional area of the tank checked as an investigation was launched.

A photo of the same area between the two shells of the tank in 2006 showed it was clean six years ago.

“We just have got to think it’s not encouraging to find another spot that clearly was not there in 2006,” said Cheryl Whalen, cleanup section manager for the Department of Ecology’s Nuclear Waste Program.

The state is the regulator of the tank waste, which includes 56 million gallons left from the past production of weapons plutonium and stored in underground tanks at Hanford.

The potential for disastrous leaks at the Hanford site are manifold:

Waste is being emptied from 149 single shell tanks, many of which have leaked waste into the soil in the past, into 28 newer double-shell tanks. The waste is intended to be held there until the last of it can be treated for disposal about 40 years from now.

How confident are you that a Mitt Romney or Barack Obama administration is capable of dealing with cleanups of Hanford, the scores of overloaded spent fuel pools at nuclear reactors around the USA, and helping states around the world forced into disaster capitalism modalities deal with their decaying and collapsing nuclear power plants and storage dumps?

I’m not.

Unless we reevaluate how we deal with nuclear waste, it is “Goodbye, Portland!” by 2030.

Look at some the recent headlines over the past few days at the Tri-City Herald I copied into a screenshot from early Sunday morning

Pipeline breaks near contaminated soil site at Hanford

2 Hanford workers being checked for radioactive cesium

Layoffs at Hanford to be fewer than expected

State demands DOE response about consent decree

What needs to be done regarding the rapidly growing multi-thousand year shit pile our nuclear society is scattering around water sources is beyond scary.  There appears to be a serious flaw in human evolutionary development that keeps us from clearly seeing how absurdly dangerous this is.
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