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Religious right – the 49ers are wrong for helping bullied gay children

Recently, the San Francisco 49ers made a video speaking out against the bullying of gay teens.

You just KNEW someone from the religious right was going to speak negatively about it:

Larry Jacobs, managing director of the World Congress of Families, tells OneNewsNow why he has a problem with this.

“The problem with the ‘It Gets Better’ campaign is that it, again, is special rights — singling out a particular group that is no more harmed than any other groups, and really singling them out for special attention and special rights, special things that should also be shared with lots of other people that are being bullied,” he contends. “It really is, again, another example of money and resources being given to a special class, a group of people, and discriminating against many others who are being bullied.”

Jacobs seems to want folks to engage in a game of pitting categories of bullied youths against one another.  I refuse to be defensive. In making the video, the 49ers weren’t placing gay teens above any other bullied group.

That’s like saying when you give money to fight breast cancer, you are saying that people suffering from other forms of cancer don’t matter. It’s an argument that doesn’t wash.

The way I see it is this –  the bullying of children for any reason is a problem and whatever anyone can do to combat this problem – however large or small – should  be applauded, encouraged, and complimented.

That being said, if Jacobs feels that attention should be paid to other victims of bullying, then perhaps he get his organization to do something on their behalf.

That is if he can pull himself away from attacking the 49ers and bullied gay youth.

BTW here is the video that Jacobs is speaking of:

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Alvin McEwen

Alvin McEwen