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Ever play Spades with Plato?

Inspired by da Cass.

We are in a period of letting things go as they are for awhile.  Its always the conservative fall back position, they can afford to do it.  Lets just let things sort themselves out, and see what happens.  How much underclass suffering will be electorally tolerable, for how long, is the question only time will tell.  But in the meantime lets look at reinforcing our position by voter suppression, appealing to values voters, gin up some fear, etc., to see how long those methods can hold off this rising tide of colored ballots.


We’ve kinda run out of the really fearful wars, so we have to make due, to sustain the profits of our beloved MIC, with regional flareups and to keep the oil flowing sufficiently to feed our SUVs.  All is well in the fear cauldron of the Middle east.


So all the 1% have left to discuss, is what tomorrow’s standard of living will look like to the lower classes, and what steps to take to minimize their electoral impact.  It may appear Kabuki but its purposefully orchestrated by folks with 40 years of practice.


They let Occupy blow off some steam, but it will not be allowed to exist long enough to absorb the common man’s hope model of self actualization, at least not to the degree he will become involved. Occupy will remain a fad of those sinister “liberals” that he is taught is the real problem, and has nothing to do with him, as they offer nothing tangible to his self esteem, except to amplify his disgust for those “lazy” folks,….. “But they do bitch about those damned bankers and I agree with them on that,” the common man may think for a moment, and as quickly forget.


Dems should be all over these bankers, like stink on a skunk; but this over whelming sledge hammer of an issue can not be discussed by the privileged purchased few that reek from being in bed with those skunks.


It kinda amazes me that this election, imo, is reverting into a solely chocolate vs vanilla flavor preference.  Everything else must not be important.  As we grasp that development, we see our degree of democratic disfunction.   Its no longer providing compelling choices to compelling issues, because they all have to be embodied within the construct of one man’s obvious disability to weigh all the competing interests, and propose his recommended policy to address these problems, through a ham-stringing filtering edifice we call  Congress.


And so, even our national budget may be cremated on a pyre of Planned Parenthood wood.  I suppose our budget must have used too much witchcraft.  Chocolate or vanilla has such an easy ring to solving our country’s problems.


Democracy was to have been a means where the consensus of the people would be found and made into reality.  A place where reality could be adjusted as needed to benefit all, or at least most of us.  Its obvious that to accommodate a witchcraft considering conservative, is too great a burden anymore to make it work.


Its nice to think and talk within an enclave of remaining human truth values here at FDL.  But we seem to be only the lovable old uncles of another time, another world; whose remaining time to influence the direction of this world is waning, however altruistic our voices and suggestions may be.


The 1% hold all the powerful cards now, they have 30 yrs of practice playing the MIC spades that trumps most discussions.   The political game now being played and has been, is Spades.  The MIC is the spades trump suit.  Guns trumps butter (hearts), environment (clubs), financial/property (diamonds) in all hands of discussion dealt.


In the 30s hearts were trump for a while.


You may place almost all interest groups in a particular strength suited card this way.  Eg. the national budget was ace of diamonds, but the Religious Right played in their conception, an ten of hearts which was a stronger suit.  Our nation’s bond ratings suffered accordingly.


Obviously this metaphor isn’t perfect but it helps some folks I talk to frame a better understanding of the power relationships at play in the game of international political economics of our time.    Have fun with it.  Oh ya, the jokers use witchcraft to get what they want.

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