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Young Male Foreign Exchange Student in Car with Drunk SF Archbishop-to-Be

Here’s a new fact you may be unaware of in the drunk-driving arrest last weekend of Father Sal (San Francisco Archbishop-elect Salvatore Cordileone), the Bishop of Oakland who’s scheduled to be elevated to be Archbishop of San Francisco in October: His mother was not the only passenger in the car with him as he drove drunk on the San Diego State University campus. According to this video report from San Diego Channel Six, unmentioned in the accompanying text and in every other story I’ve seen about the Archbishop-to-Be’s arrest last Saturday morning, the other passenger was a “young male foreign exchange student.”

Interesting, no?

Go to the link, watch the video here. The newsreader definitely says:

He was in the car with his elderly mother and a foreign exchange student, a young male adult….

Did anyone see this detail anywhere else in any reporting on the drunk Archbishop’s run-in with the law? I did not.

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Teddy Partridge

Teddy Partridge