Ralph Nader

Ralph Nader (Stephen C Webster / Flickr)

A recap:

  1. Part 1 looked at the composition data of Nader votes, which clearly show Nader overwhelmingly took votes from Ross Perot voters, not Democrats
  2. Part 2 looked at the composition data of Democrat voters, which showed hundreds of thousands of Dems voting Red, and a pittance voting Green
  3. Part 3 looked at polling data throughout the election season showing, if anything, that Gore took votes from Nader, not the other way around, as people got cold feet on election day.

Part 4 is so simple and basic, it’s astonishing few have even mentioned or discussed it publicly.


Matthew Jones of USC’s Political Science Department says:

Every 3rd party candidate got over 600 votes, which means that if any one of those 3rd party candidates had potentially dropped out and those votes had gone to Al Gore, he would have won too. … Almost half of the Democratic Party voters stayed home, so who’s to say that the people who voted for Ralph Nader, if they didn’t have the choice of Ralph Nader, wouldn’t have stayed home or voted for somebody else anyway?

The Final Florida 2000 Vote:

200,000 : Dems who voted for Bush
17,484 : Reform Party
16,415 : Libertarian Party
2,281 : Natural Law Party
1,804 : Workers World Party
1,371 : Constitution Party
622 : Socialist Party
562 : Socialist Workers Party
543 : Bush’s margin of victory in FL


This is pretty straight-forward. The vast majority of vote “stealing” that happened was by Bush, who “stole” supporting Bush Democrats. Not Nader, nor the 3 socialist parties. If one percent of these Democrats had stuck with their own party, Al Gore would easily have won Florida and become president.
Further, 34% of union members voted for Bush, but only 3% for Nader.
Why the double standard for the 3 leftist Socialist parties, Greens, and Democrats? Especially given that the Socialist and Green platforms are nearly identical? If Nader voters “would have” voted for Gore, why didn’t they?
Interestingly, the same critics who blame Nader for Gore’s loss fail to give him credit for narrow Democratic victories in the Senate, such as the one in Washington state.

Here is the final vote tally from the FEC, showing all third party vote counts:
Interview with USC’s Matthew Jones: